Parking Garages and Counter-Terrorism

Vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs) are a common threat worldwide: cars or trucks containing large amounts of explosives capable of horrendous destruction. As seen in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, parking garages under or adjacent to high-profile buildings are prime targets for terrorists. Counter-terrorism experts continue to examine the security aspects of conventional multi-story parking garages. We thought it might be interesting to look at the counter-terrorism aspects of automated parking systems that differ from conventional parking garages.

Control is a key element in any security plan: control of an area, control of people and vehicles, control of entrances and exists. By their nature, automated parking systems provide more and easier control over all of these elements than conventional parking garages:

  • There are no people to monitor in the parking area
  • There are no stairways, elevators or hiding places
  • Vehicle entrance is only through controlled, automated “boxes”
  • There is much less area and volume to secure and monitor
  • Easier blocking of wireless electronic signals (e.g. for detonation)
Automated parking systems are significantly easier and less costly to install underground due to their much smaller volume. Without the need for massive excavation and concrete structures, it is easier to locate automated parking systems elsewhere than directly under buildings. This also makes for fast and easy application of automated parking systems in existing areas.
The entrance/exit boxes used in automated parking systems provide a number of interesting possibilities for control, protection and advanced inspection of vehicles:
  • Secure control of all vehicle passengers (inside the entrance box)
  • Remote inspection of vehicles and passengers (inside the entrance box)
  • Air sampling for explosives
  • Examination of vehicles with electronic and/or penetrating technologies
  • Boxes designed and reinforced to mitigate blast effects from VBIEDs

To discuss counter-terrorism and car parking garage solutions for embassies, consulates, commercial or financial institutions or transportation centers, contact your Skyline Parking representative.

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