Advantages of Automated Valet Parking Systems

For most people, valet parking is a nice, convenient way to get a car parked especially in crowded urban areas. Automated valet parking systems provide all of the same conveniences of conventional valet parking…and then some:

  • No need to search for a parking space - wasting time and gas
  • No need to walk through the parking area - a confusing, scary experience
  • No need to search for exits - where am I?
  • No need to use garage stairs or elevators - not always pleasant places
  • No need to remember where the car is parked - wandering around the parking garage
Rather than starting your urban adventure, or just going home or to work, having to overcome the hassles of a parking garage, valet parking gets you started faster and at street level. What a pleasure.

Automated valet parking takes the valet experience to another level of convenience and satisfaction:

  • You keep the keys - no strangers get in your car
  • No one drives your car - giving you peace of mind
  • Your car is safe - parked in a very secure, enclosed place
  • You’re helping the environment - the engine is off until you get back in your car
  • Consistent experience - automated systems don’t complain or get grumpy
For those already using valet parking on a regular basis, automated valet parking systems are a step up in parking experience quality. For those looking for profitable and eco-friendly parking solutions, automated valet parking systems have many unique advantages compared to conventional multi-story parking garages.

To learn more about automated valet parking systems, contact your Skyline Parking representative.

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