Mechanical, Robotic, Rotary Parking, etc.

Automatic parking…robotic parking…mechanical parking…automated parking…rotary parking…what’s the

The first thing to know is that there are no universal definitions or standards applicable to the various types of mechanized vehicle parking. The terminology used is typically that chosen by the manufacturer, hence the confusion and lack of consistency. We’ll try to sort this out for you.

Mechanical Parking

The term, “mechanical parking”, most often refers to the use of electro-mechanical devices or systems to park more vehicles in a fixed amount of land area. This is accomplished primarily by parking vehicles vertically, one on top of another, by means of some lifting mechanisms.

“Mechanical parking” is the most generic term and is an applicable and accurate description for the broad range of technologies and designs: they are all mechanical and they are utilized for parking. Systems with capacities of two cars or two thousand cars as well as those that are fully automated or semi-automated fall within the category of mechanical parking.

Automatic versus Automated parking Systems

Making a distinction between automated and automatic parking may seem like splitting hairs. We agree, however there’s a difference in usage between the two terms. Both “automatic” and “automated” are used to describe mechanical parking systems; however, “automatic parking” appears to be the universal term for on-vehicle systems that aid drivers in parallel parking. This latter point may be moving mechanical parking system suppliers to more frequently use the term, “automated parking systems.” In general, “automated parking” is most used to describe larger capacity, fully-automatic mechanical parking systems.

Robotic Parking

“Robotic parking” is most often used synonymously with automated parking. As there is no clear definition of what constitutes a “robot”, there is a broad range of technologies that might be considered “robotic”. Some automated parking systems have devices that resemble robot arms or platforms that move autonomously. Nevertheless, it may be best to understand “robotic parking” as simply meaning “automated parking”.

Rotary Parking, Puzzle Parking, Stacker Parking, Etc.

Virtually all other terms related to mechanical parking are used to describe a particular type of mechanical parking. Such terms include:

  • Car lifts
  • Lift parking
  • Pallet parking
  • Puzzle parking
  • Paternoster (or rotary) parking
  • Stacked (or stack) parking
  • Tower parking
Whether you need more parking spaces or parking that requires less space, contact your Skyline Parking representative for a free consultation on mechanical parking solutions.

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