Airport Parking Solutions

Most travelers want three things: speed, efficiency and comfort. Actually, we all want those things even when we’re simply doing the daily commute. Airline travel requires so many different and tedious activities, speed, efficiency and comfort may seem to be fantasies. This is frequently true for airport parking. For anyone who travels regularly, it comes as no surprise that passengers and airport parking have not been the highest priority at airports.

Airport historically viewed the airlines, their largest source of revenue, as their “real” customers. Accommodating airline passengers was something needed to keep the airlines happy. A recent article in Forbes article suggests this situation is changing:

“Non-aeronautical revenue from parking, real estate, retail, advertising, and food-and-beverage providers has been part of the airport’s revenue mix. Recently, however, declining airline economics have required airports to become more reliant on non-aeronautical revenues, with many airports deriving more than half of total revenues from such sources. Airports now have the opportunity to focus on passengers as ‘customers’. This is a real opportunity for airports to transform their current airport business model that will result in increased non-aeronautical revenues.”

Of all the noted non- aeronautical items listed, airport parking may well prove to be the most difficult in terms of increasing revenue. Most airports already utilize all available space near the terminals for parking, which makes the addition of more parking garage space difficult. Airports also face uncertain financial outlooks about parking revenues when competing with off-property parking operations for passengers looking to trade economy for convenience and speed. There is, however, an alternative parking solution for airports.
Automated parking systems (APS) provide premium car parking near airport terminals space that’s otherwise unusable for conventional parking garages. Much like robotic valets, the design of APS offers inherently superior levels of safety and security for drivers, passengers, cars and their contents while minimizing operating and security costs.

The APS provides answers to airports looking to increase revenue through increased focus on their passenger “customers”. Automated valet parking (without the valet) right at the terminal caters to VIP and other travelers willing to pay higher airport parking fees to more extra speed, efficiency and comfort while also getting more prestige, convenience, safety, security, peace of mind and satisfaction.

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