Increasing Property Development Profitability

Developing property to generate profit is a complex act involving many factors. Increasingly, car parking is a major factor in urban and suburban property development decision-making. From aesthetic impact and a minimum number of spaces to land usage and sustainability mandates, car parking challenges can turn a potentially profitable development into an abandoned project. Developers looking for solutions to car parking challenges should consider automated parking systems (APS). Here's ten reasons why…

  1. APS significantly reduce the land area needed to park cars…allowing for more profitable land use.
  2. APS enable car parking in otherwise unusable space…making development projects more profitable or sometimes even making them possible.
  3. Flexible designs, substantially smaller volumes and other inherent features have the potential to shift capital cost and project profitability for the better.
  4. APS reduce costs by require no or minimal lighting, ventilation, clean up, operating staff, security patrols, etc.
  5. When it comes to sustainable car parking, APS have many advantages such as maximizing green space and solar access while minimizing emissions and carbon footprint and storm water runoff.
  6. APS are inherently more safe for drivers and passengers and more secure for parked cars and their contents.
  7. Inherent safety and security reduces the potential for property damage, theft, personal injury or death…key factors of insurance costs.
  8. In many countries, the basic design of APS may offer tax advantages for accelerated depreciation.
  9. Much smaller and highly pre-fabricated, APS are typically faster and easier to construct than conventional concrete car parking facilities.
  10. Other potential advantages include: reduced visual impact due to smaller volume, customizable architectural finishes, the convenience of valet parking and more…

Automated parking systems from Skyline Parking provide property developers a broad array of benefits and new opportunities for car parking. Maximum profitability benefits are realized by incorporating APS into the preliminary concept stage of a property development project. Contact your Skyline Parking representative to discuss the potential benefits of an APS for your development project.

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