Customer Comments about Skyline Parking APS

What do customers have to say about Skyline Parking and its products? One customer, Remo B. Managing Director at auto züri west (azw), has plenty to say. azw is a car dealership in the Zurich area that had an Automated Parking System (APS) from Skyline Parking installed in 2013. Besides discussing his Skyline APS, Remo B. explains some of the remarkable financial and operational benefits that the APS has provided his car dealership. Here are a few excerpts from an interview with him about his experience with Skyline Parking…

"The exhibition tower [Skyline APS] gives customers a truly unique experience when they collect their vehicles."

"…the main benefit of the Skyline tower is SPACE! We can fit 128 cars – and it’s a very small area. The higher number of on-site vehicles for customers to browse has resulted in an increase in sales."
"The tower also has an impact on our image/reputation. It has become a symbol of azw and is instantly recognizable!"

"Needless to say, the tower has also led to the optimization of working processes. Everything is much quicker now – vehicle handling times have been reduced enormously. Now everybody has more time for sales."

“The integration of the wash system is another economic benefit, as it saves on personnel costs.”

"I am really pleased with it. The tower has become a reliable working tool for us. Even at the very low temperatures we experienced this winter and in over 30 degree heat, it has worked perfectly."

"…I wouldn’t hesitate to place my trust in another Skyline product."

In the rest of the interview, Remo B. goes into more detail about the APS product itself, support from Skyline Parking, any future integration plans and much more.

See the Skyline Parking Tower in action.

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