Wasting Energy Driving Nowhere

In an age so heavily focused on climate change and reducing fossil energy use, it is remarkable how one type of common wasteful behavior receives so little attention: parking in multi-story car parks. Perhaps it’s easily overlooked because we tend to mindlessly travel in circles and up and down ramps, forgetting that we’re still driving.  The reality is that cars in a single large city can end up driving hundreds of millions of kilometers each year…inside car parks. But there is a solution to this wasteful practice.

Driving Huge Numbers
In a car park with a few hundred parking spaces, the average car tends to cover around half a kilometer driving in and out. If just two hundred cars are parked, this equates to roughly 100 kilometers of driving around the car park. Depending on turnover, those 100 kilometers can become 50,000, 100,000 or even more than 300,000 kilometers of driving accumulated inside a single medium car park in just one year.

Parking without Driving
Automated Parking Systems (APS) eliminate all wasted driving in car parks. In an APS, cars are moved mechanically to and from parking spaces without the need to drive. This allows APS to use up to 60% less energy (electrical) than the fossil fuel energy consumed by the same number of cars parking in a car park. Moreover, this is just one of numerous ways APS save energy and fight climate change.

Zero Is Better
Zero wins every time when it comes to polluting the environment, and automated parking systems offer plenty of wonderful zeroes. Compared to parking in a conventional car park, cars parking in an APS...

  • Drive zero kilometers
  • Burn zero liters of fuel
  • Create zero tons of CO2
  • Consume zero liters of motor oil and kilos of tires
Contact Skyline Parking to find out all of the different ways APS help you save money, energy and the planet.

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